Refill Kit – Shave Cream – Year of Shaving

ultra concentrate - up to 165 shaves per bottle

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Take care of your shaving needs for up to a year with two bottles of men-ü ultra concentrate Shave Cream. Although we claim on the bottle ‘up to 165 shaves’, one pump (0.5ml) is enough for one shave (see video below). We like to understate and over deliver! Packed with a high percentage of active ingredients including modern lubricants and moisturiser to help provide optimum slip, without drying the skin. A great close shave with slip and a smooth ride for your razor blade means less resistance, less nicks and a longer lasting blade. Many soaps, aerosol gels and foams generate too aerated a lather. What is in contact with skin and blade mattersall else is wasted! Includes Shave Cream 100ml (with pump) + Shave Cream 100ml (refill).

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