Grooming Guide

Shave & Facial

A guide to a great Shave and Facial Shaving can be seen as a chore, especially if one is unaware of the benefits! Doing the right things thereafter helps achieve healthy skin. A good shave is not just about a smooth surface without nicks or irritation but it is the start of healthy skin by providing exfoliation […]

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Using a Shaving Brush

Why use a shaving brush? Used by top barbers and stylists, a shaving brush is one of the best tools to achieve a smooth, close shave A good shaving brush lifts the beard away from the face, generates a fine, rich, creamy lather without too much aeration and helps remove dead skin cells, making a close […]

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Facial DETOX

Men have more active sebaceous glands than women and as a result, oilier skin. Good news when you are older – less wrinkles! But when you are younger – more spots and breakouts, caused by excess sebum, mixing with dead skin cells and blocking the pores. A lot of this is addressed when teenage boys start […]

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Itchy Flaky Scalp

Why do men suffer with itchy flaky scalp? Itchy flaky scalp is often bought on by stress, strain, diet (dairy & red wine often thought to be a culprit) & aggravated by the male hormone testosterone which is why men are the greatest sufferers. Another common cause of itchy scalp is sweat which is heightened […]

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Liquifflex Blow Dry

Men are starting to wear hair longer & almost 1 in 3 men (32%) with medium & longer length hair blow dry. The majority of men also have fine, thin hair. 51% of men said they would change their hair style, if recommended by their hairdresser, so why not recommend the right style & product […]

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Ask A Pro

Ask a Pro

Here’s your chance to ask our expert panel any problems you experience with your grooming routine. The men-ü Salon & Academy are proud to work with Habia trained staff and men-ü Creative Director, Lloyd Hughes – one of the country’s leading educators in men’s hairdressing and one of the leading experts in shaving. If you have any […]

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