Shave & Facial

A guide to a great Shave and Facial

Shaving can be seen as a chore, especially if one is unaware of the benefits! Doing the right things thereafter helps achieve healthy skin. A good shave is not just about a smooth surface without nicks or irritation but it is the start of healthy skin by providing exfoliation a woman can only dream of.

Apply men-ü Shave Cream

Ideally shower first or rinse your face well with warm water to soften the beard. Never shave cold or apply shave products to dry skin. men-ü Shave Crème has a high concentration of lubricants (including silicone) and moisturisers to provide optimum slip without drying the skin. The less aeration in the Crème the better as it is what is in contact with the skin and blade that matters – all else is wasted. Less resistance also means a longer lasting blade! Without a shaving brush, spread shave crème between wet palms and apply like a face pack, stimulating and spreading with fingers.

Applying with a shaving brush

If using a shaving brush, use a quality brush as top barbers do like the men-ü Pro Black. Bristle resistance raises the beard (making a closer cut easier) and softness helps create a creamy, less aerated lather. Apply the shave crème in a circular motion ending in an upward stroke to stand your beard up and away from the face. Always use a good quality, sharp blade and rinse it under hot water often. A clean blade is vital so it is important that the blades do not clog up with shaving product and stubble. Some shaving products do not break down when the blade is rinsed and are prone to block multi-blade razors. Ideally shave in the direction of the beard growth starting with the sides, then the moustache area and last the chin. The chin hairs are the toughest, so this allows them the most time to soften with the warm water and Shave Crème. If you wish to achieve an even closer shave (as most barbers do) apply some more lather to the areas you wish to shave again. Never shave an area without Shave Crème.

Deep cleanse after shaving

After shaving, when the skin is most vulnerable, rinse the face with warm water and use men-ü Healthy Facial Wash that has a high concentration of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial which is ideal to help cleanse and protect from spots and shaving rash. Also included is witch hazel for its soothing, healing and astringent properties – great for controlling greasy skin.

Tone and refresh

Rinse with the coolest water that is comfortable and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply men-ü Matt 'Skin Refresh' Gel and allow to dry for approximately 60 seconds. This tones, smoothes & clarifies the skin, dissolving and reducing sebum. Also contains antiseptic & anti-inflammatory ingredients that help overcome ingrown hairs.

Finish with a moisturiser

men-ü Facial Moisturiser Lift is an after shave balm and moisturiser combined. Not only a non-greasy moisturiser but has mint and menthol to cool, refresh and help relieve redness and skin is left talcum powder soft. Shaving removes up to 2 layers of skin (great exfoliation!) – just one of the reasons why it is so important to use a high quality moisturiser after shaving. Lost moisture is restored, conditioning the skin and leaving it smooth and firm with a protective layer.

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