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Here’s your chance to ask our expert panel any problems you experience with your grooming routine.

The men-ü Salon & Academy are proud to work with Habia trained staff and men-ü Creative Director, Lloyd Hughes – one of the country’s leading educators in men’s hairdressing and one of the leading experts in shaving. If you have any questions then please contact us as we will be happy to share our expertise! Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

I get quite bad shaving rash around my shirt collar.

Shaving rash is most commonly caused by inadvertently shaving against the growth around the collar area of the neck. Spend a little time in the bathroom mapping the growth of your facial hair. Always use a shaving brush to lift the hair away from the skin, this will reduce the resistance of the blade. The first pass of the razor should only shave with the direction the facial hair grows. Most guys’ (but not all) facial hair changes direction at the collar so turn your razor around and shave in an upward direction in these areas. If required, apply a little more shave crème and shave across the hair growth. If at all possible, avoid shaving against the hair growth. This will help to reduce the rash in most cases. Follow this with men-ü healthy facial wash to cleanse the area and reduce any inflammation and to cleanse the pores. We highly recommend all men to visit a quality barber / stylist for a professional shave / facial which should include a consultation at least once.

Pro Tip: Lock yourself in the bathroom at least once a week and take your time to go through your shave/facial regime thoroughly.

My skin is quite sensitive but sensitive products don’t really help?

A lot of men believe they have sensitive skin. This is generally not the case as most sensitive skin is actually tender skin as a result of not shaving correctly. There is a process that the skin goes through when a man shaves. Following the way the hair grows as opposed to shaving against the growth will greatly reduce irritation. Cleansing the skin immediately after shaving  with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory face wash is also very important. This should then be followed by a toning type product such as matt ‘skin refresh’ gel which tones, soothes and tightens the skin post shave. The final step is to condition the skin with a moisturiser.

Pro Tip: Always try to shave directly after showering and keep your razor and shaving brush in hot water.

My skin is constantly shiny and greasy, along with my spots it causes me lots of issues.

Most men have larger & more active sebaceous glands than women leading to oilier skin. Oilier skin blocks the pores leading to spots and breakouts. Cleansing the skin with healthy facial wash to deep cleanse the skin and unblock the pores removes excess oil from the surface of the skin. Follow this with matt ‘skin refresh’ gel concentrating on the greasier areas of the skin, usually the T-zone, to balance and control any excess oil. Finish your daily visual front line regime by applying matt moisturiser which contains sebum absorbers to reduce oil build up.

Pro Tip: Keep a bottle of men-ü matt ‘skin refresh’ gel with you throughout the day and apply just before that important meeting or presentation to keep your skin free of excess oil and a cool matt finish for the whole day.

How is it best to apply my hair product?

A good stylist / barber should always show you how to apply product to your hair. Whilst standing in front of the mirror, use a small amount of the right  styling product for your hair type, style and preference. A small amount should just about cover the tip of your finger (imagine the area of a finger nail as the right amount). Place the product in the centre of your palm and rub briskly making sure there are no lumps or bumps. Apply the product through your hair briskly rubbing from your scalp to the ends as if you were shampooing your hair. Allow all of your hair to stand up and then bring your hands from the back of your hair to the front to manipulate into your preferred style.

Pro Tip: It is better to repeat the process a couple of times using a small amount of product than it is to overload with too much product at the start of your styling process.

My hair always starts off looking great but as the day goes on it tends to fall flat.

Today’s contemporary hair styles often ask the hair to defy gravity. A good haircut with support cutting is essential for these hairstyles as well as understanding what happens to hair once the product is applied. If your hair style requires lift and support it is important to make sure the hair is completely dry before applying the product. Wet and damp hair will collapse under the weight of product causing your style to fall flat.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid applying product to unwashed hair containing previous product applications.

My hair always looks great when I leave the hairdressers but I can never get it to look the same again.

Today’s man is far more aware of what he requires from his hairdresser. When a guy supplies an image for the hairdresser it is important the chosen hairdresser has the required skill set to construct that haircut and shape successfully. A well-constructed male specific shaped haircut will enable the client to maintain his style once he leaves the salon. Your hairdresser should be advising you on the shape he / she is cutting your hair and to give you a full explanation of how to achieve that salon look including product selection. The product will offer longevity to the required style once you get home.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask your barber / stylist what he / she is going to do to achieve your desired look. A knowledgeable stylist on male specific shapes and product information is the minimum you should be demanding.

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